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Adventure Shared in Morocco

By: Nina Katzenstein

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April 8, 2019 | 50th Anniversary Stories

Growing up, Humphrey and I were inseparable. Between summers at camp and winters around the fireplace, we were as close as two friends could be. As we grew older, however, we began to drift apart. Eventually I went off to college, and Humphrey and I lost touch. Last year, my parents were browsing MT Sobek trips and saw the Private Morocco Adventure and they thought that would be the perfect opportunity for me and Humphrey to reconnect, and for Humphrey to connect to his ancestral roots. That’s because, well, Humphrey is a camel. A stuffed dromedary, to be exact.

In January 2019, my parents, Humphrey, and I experienced the trip of a lifetime. Our guide, Brahim, met us at the Marrakech airport. We were full of anticipation as we set out on the ten day journey through Morocco’s lively cities and magical countryside.

On day two, Humphrey made his first appearance. My father was a little embarrassed, possibly because we’d neglected to list Humphrey on the guest registry, but more likely because I am twenty-seven years old. When Brahim saw Humphrey, however, his whole face lit up and he immediately gave Humphrey the best seat in the car: the dashboard.

After exploring the beautiful city of Marrakech, we set out to see the rest of the country. Humphrey was especially excited to return to his desert-dwelling roots. Along the scenic drive to UNESCO World Heritage site Ait Ben Haddou, a Kasbah, we were awed by the vast snow-capped Atlas Mountains along the horizon. Further along the way, we arrived at the part of the trip that I (and Humphry) most looked forward to – making camp in the desert and riding camels through the high sand dunes. The vastness of the desert and the brilliance of the night sky provided some of the most stunning landscapes we had ever experienced.

Following our desert escapade, we made our way to the medieval city of Fes. We took in the fabulous architecture at the ancient medina and visited a number of authentic souks, or markets. Our local guide’s expertise shone through as he navigated us through the labyrinth-like city and taught us about the cultural and historical significance of the city.

Exploring a new part of the world with my family is always a welcome break from work, school, and daily life. As with all of the wonderful guides we travel with at MT Sobek, we plan to stay in touch with Brahim and we hope to soon return to Morocco. Humphrey has since joined me at veterinary school and looks forward to the day that he can once again dig his hooves into the Sahara sand.

Thanks, MT Sobek!

Nina Katzenstein, MT Sobek Guest

MT Sobek Trip: Private Morocco Adventure, 2019