10 Best Hikes in Switzerland

By: Anja Mutic

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October 13, 2022 | Adventure Experts

Why Visit Switzerland? 

Switzerland is every mountaineer’s dream, with awe-inspiring views of snowcapped peaks everywhere you look. Expect to find towering mountains, meadows dotted with wildflowers, thundering waterfalls, and cascading glaciers. This country is a popular destination that is home to a wide variety of hiking trails, from easy one-day treks to more challenging multi-day hikes. In this article, we’ll take you to our top ten Swiss alpine hikes. Read on!

A picturesque view of a lake and mountain view in a mountain & trekking tour in Switzerland


1. Italy and Switzerland Lake District Hiking Tour

This idyllic eight-day hiking tour winds its way through spectacular landscapes of Italy and Switzerland’s Lake District, with easy to moderately strenuous hiking (3–4 hours per day). Panoramic lake and mountain vistas are always in sight as you traverse gently rolling terrains and some steeper mountain sections. The Swiss part of the hike takes you to lively Locarno, situated at the northern end of Lake Maggiore, and the splendid lakeside village of Morcote, voted ‘Switzerland’s most beautiful village’. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Italy & Switzerland Hiking Tour
A breathtaking view of a the Alps mountains in  overlooking a little walking village in Switzerland


2. Alps Village to Village Hiking Tour

The Eiger Trail, Iconic Matterhorn & Mont Blanc is an unforgettable 10-day alps trek through picturesque hamlets in the Swiss and French Alps, paired with sweeping mountain vistas. You’ll tackle the legendary Eiger Trail at the foot of the Eiger’s notorious north face, which has challenged mountaineers for over a century. Starting from Grindelwald, the perfect entryway for the ultimate Alps adventure, you will hike a series of trails and mountain passes in the Bernese Alps, with views of verdant meadows and alpine lakes. Admire icefalls and glacier lakes surrounded by the epic Blumlisalp peaks, before ending the Swiss part of the escapade with the famed Matterhorn, one of the country’s most remarkable and renowned mountains. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Alps Hiking Tour
A hiker on a high altitude trail looking at a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn


3. Around the Matterhorn Trek

Circling Switzerland’s most celebrated mountain is on many a person’s bucket list, and we have devised this eight-day loop trek with just that in mind. The pyramid-shaped Matterhorn, with its high-altitude trails up to 11,000 feet and two glacier crossings, makes for the perfect adventure for seasoned hikers who want to be physically challenged and then rewarded with magnificent views of snowcapped peaks, shimmering alpine lakes, and charming pastoral hamlets cradled high in the mountains. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Matterhorn Hiking Tour
A picturesque view of a village at the foot of the foot of the Matterhorn Mountain


4. Chamonix and Zermatt Hiking Tour

The Swiss part of this picturesque seven-day trek explores the majestic surroundings of Zermatt and trails at the foot of Matterhorn mountain. Highlights include hiking to the storybook villages of Zmutt and Schwarzsee and a small pretty lake just below the Matterhorn. You can also trek up to the Hörnli mountain hut at 8,490 feet, where alpinists spend the night before a Matterhorn ascent. The Monte Rosa side of Zermatt’s mountains is equally dazzling, with gorgeous views of the Monte Rosa massif and Dufourspitze, the second highest peak in the Alps. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Chamonix & Zermatt Hiking Tour
A gorgeous view of a pristine mountain lake surrounded by grassy meadows with the Alps in the background


5. Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking

This 12-day trip around Europe’s highest and most iconic peak is undisputedly on every serious hiker’s must-do list. The journey through the heart of the Alps takes you past giant glaciers and pristine mountain lakes, along ancient trails and through grassy meadows. Experience three countries, cultures, and cuisines on one trip. The Swiss portion takes in the lakeside resort town of Champex, with typical Swiss-style chalets and charming gardens. Up next is Martigny, where you can explore the Fondation Pierre Gianadda, an impressive art complex featuring a sculpture garden and museums. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking Tour
Hikers looking at a beautiful crystal clear blue glacial like high up on the Chindbetti Pass in the Alps


6. Bernese Oberland Trek

Drink in the breathtaking alpine terrain of the Bernese Oberland on this eight-day trek through some the world’s most striking mountains, including Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger. Start with the exquisite Rhone Valley and walk amid sweeping slopes, endless meadows, and massive cliffs, witnessing glistening glacial lakes high up from a ridge on the Chindbetti Pass. This is not just a hike; it’s also a journey back in time through postcard-pretty villages, all along paired with tremendous views. The tour includes spending a night on a rustic farm, a unique experience to cherish. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Bernese Oberland Hiking Tour
A group of sheep on a mountainside on the Haute Route hike in the Swiss Alps


7. Haute Route Trek

The Haute Route means the “high road” in French, and it aptly describes this challenging trek designed for devoted hikers. On this 11-day hike, some of the highlights include a visit to the delightful Swiss hamlet of Arolla and the picturesque village of Grimentz, with possibilities of spotting wildlife such as marmots and eagles along the way. Walk through fragrant forests of larch trees, heather, and blueberries and get to the top of Augstbordpass, with its superb views of the Weishorn, Breithorn, and Mischabel, all topping 14,000 feet. Wrap up the adventure in Zermatt, one of the world’s most iconic alpine resorts. Book this trip -> MT Sobek’s Haute Route Hiking Tour
A cable car high up in the air with a beautiful view of the snowy Swiss Alps


8. Mount Rigi Trail

This easy day hike showcases Switzerland’s spectacular views on a seven-kilometer route. Starting at the top of Rigi Kulm, and following the signs to Rigi, you take in the views of rolling green meadows, the Goldau mountain and the multitude of peaks rolling across the horizon. The route takes you through the Felsenweg area and ends at Rigi Scheidegg, where you get the cable car back down to the valley, for a thrilling finale.
A scenic waterfall surrounded by forest in the Swiss Alps


9. Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley Hike

Known as the valley with twelve waterfalls, this scenic region of Switzerland is full of short and easy yet breathtakingly beautiful hikes through landscapes full of waterfalls, steep snow-covered cliffs, rivers, and waterways. One slightly steeper hike goes in the direction of the small mountain village of Gimmelwald, taking you through shaded forests, past rivers, and across flowering meadows ringed by imposing mountains.
A colorful landscape view of a mountain side meadow with wildflowers with the Swiss Alps in the background


10. Höhbalmen Alpine Meadows Trek

Covered with pretty wildflowers, the Höhbalmen alpine meadow offers direct views over the Valais Alps. One of the region’s most attractive hikes, the Höhbalmen-Höhenweg route goes past the northern face of the Matterhorn. Make sure to prepare for a demanding 18 kilometers, starting at an altitude of 1,605 meters and going up to 2,740 meters. You’ll walk through sparse forests and meadows where sheep graze, past water reservoirs and roaring waterfalls. Ready to explore? Check out all of MT Sobek’s hiking adventures in Switzerland here. Discover upcoming trips for 2023!