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Top 12 Expert Adventure Picks for 2019

By: MT Sobek

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November 16, 2018 | Adventure Experts

Every year, MT Sobek’s intrepid adventure staff pick their favorite trips for the year ahead. Some they plan to do, some they’ve done, and others are added to an ever-growing adventure wish list! Check out these adventures and let us know what’s on your list for 2019.

Dolomites Hiking & Yoga Journey

“I’ve been hiking in the Dolomites many times, and have always thought this would be the perfect destination to combine my lifelong love of hiking with the restorative effects of yoga and meditation. With so many ways to tailor this adventure, there is plenty of time to hike, stretch, rest, or get a massage.” Anne Wood, Senior Director of Product

Historic Women of Patagonia Trek

“Patagonia is such a vast region with breathtaking landscape and rich history. Led by the women of Patagonia for women of the world, you will learn about the history and contributions of the local women and how they have adapted to the political and geological changes of their land. It’s my top pick for 2019!” Tanya Rao, Regional Specialist

Lebanon Mountain Trail Adventure

“I’m amazed by the contrasts of Lebanon! I enjoyed wine-tasting at Chateau Ksara, the cobblestone town of Tyre, and Roman ruins—featuring the largest Roman arch and largest hippodrome in the world.  And I loved the beautiful Qadisha Valley is filled with monasteries, churches, simple wooden crosses, hermitages and caves.” Julie McCormack, Program Director

Galapagos Wildlife Adventure Cruise

“As a lifelong naturalist my pick is the Galapagos Islands. Feel fully immersed in the spell of natural forces as you get close to animals on land and in the sea. And enjoy great food in the company of a friendly crew, who fill the days with ease and laughter at this ‘end of the earth’ destination. No Wi-Fi, no worries—there is plenty to do!” John Baston, Custom Adventures Alaska & North America

Cataract Canyon 5-Day Adventure

“I’m thrilled that MT Sobek is running the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon in 2019. I have never found myself staring at anything as long as I spent gazing at the towering sandstone cliffs through the heart of the canyon and dropping into Big Drop One reminded me of the true power of the Colorado River.” Matt Gontram, Program Director

Epic East Africa

“Head into East Africa’s best parks—the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara to find the stomping grounds of the Great Migration. This is the ultimate safari experience, and the bush lover’s dream come true. I’ve seen more big cats in Tanzania and Kenya than I have anywhere else in Africa and it’s the perfect choice for 2019.”  Hilary Walters, Program Director

Trekking in the Cordillera Blanca

“If you want to be off-the-beaten path and have a real sense of adventure, go trekking in northern Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. MT Sobek’s adventure will bring you close to amazing mountains and give you opportunities to experience authentic Quechua culture. Finally, enjoy views of Alpamayo, said to be “The World’s Most Beautiful Mountain.” Gaby Gutierrez,  Adventure Coordinator

Save the Tiger

“One of my favorites continues to be Brian Weirum’s “Save the Tiger” trip. I love the idea of having a terrific adventure and helping wildlife conservation in a meaningful way at the same time. Plus, every year Brian and his guests return with beyond-fabulous tiger photos!” Chris Bettencourt, Art Director

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

“I first rafted the Middle Fork with my brother and my dad when I was 12. It was an eye opening experience into a beautiful world untouched by technology, complete with boundless opportunities for full days of activities centered around the river and wilderness. The “River of No Return” is a truly special place and my pick for 2019—and beyond!” T.Mac Lee, Director of Social Media

Ancient Kingdoms of Sudan

“For those of us who love history and immersive travel there is no better trip than Ancient Kingdoms of Sudan. Dine on the Nile, travel through deserts dotted with centuries old pyramids and shop for one of a kind souvenirs in Sudan’s largest souk, all while learning from our local guides about the past, present, and future of this unique and beautiful destination. I can’t wait to check this trip off my bucket list!” Susannah Starr, Adventure Coordinator

Wild Tasmania

Wild Tasmania is at the top of my wish list for 2019! Multi-modal island exploration by kayak, boat, van, and foot – this trip does it all. Dreaming of sinking my toes into the white sand beaches at Wineglass Bay and the green mossy lushness of the Tarkine, one of the last great wildernesses on earth. Plus: Tasmanian devils!” Kathryn Gritt, Adventure Coordinator

Rafting the Sezar River in Iran

“There are so few first descents left in the world and it’s amazing that MT Sobek is running the first rafting descent of Iran’s Sezar River in 2019. With Brian Stevenson leading the way, there will be no better opportunity to make this dream river adventure through the Zagros Mountains a reality!” Heather Howard, Director of Communications

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