Why Take Kilimanjaro Western Breach Route

by Hilary Walters

October 17, 2021 Adventure Experts

There are over a dozen trails used to climb Kilimanjaro. In our 40+ year history trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro, we have tried and tested them all. We have honed in on the most beautiful trails, the most successful ascent routes, and the most effective itinerary for this bucket-list adventure is the Western Breach route. This allows our travelers to reach their summit Kilimanjaro goals. In fact, we have a 98% summit success rate!

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Kilimanjaro Summit Success

Our Kilimanjaro trek over the Machame Route, through the Great Barranco Valley, and over the Western Breach includes seven days ascent followed by a day and a half descent. We know that taking the time to acclimatize makes all the difference for a successful summit bid. It also ensures an outstanding hiking experience all along the way. You’ll climb Kilimanjaro successfully and enjoy yourself along the way!

This route is one of the least used, giving our hikers as intimate experience as possible away from large and often inexperienced crowds. In an attempt to ascend quickly, many other hikers put their health and chances of a successful Kilimanjaro summit at risk. Acclimatization for your Kilimanjaro climbing trek is important. Some of the most commonly used routes have successful summit rates well below 65%. Our summit success rate is 98%.

Night Time on Mount Kilimanjaro

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Scenic Kilimanjaro Route

Our path beings in a beautiful rainforest and takes us through five diverse ecosystems: forest, heather, moorland, alpine dessert, and mountain summit. With stunning alpine and glacial scenery, this is the most breathtaking trail on the mountain. We believe the Machame Route is the best way to climb Kilimanjaro and is one of our traveler favorites every year.

Our private camp sites, custom dinning tent, and toilet tents (complete with chemical toilets) allow us to avoid busy and sometimes poorly maintained cabins and public toilets. We bring back everything that we take up.

Camping on Mount Kilimanjaro

Best Kilimanjaro Guides

To top it off, MT Sobek’s Kilimanjaro guides are among the very best in business. Elias Msemo has led over 100 Kili climbs in his 20-year career. He says, “I still get a rush when I reach the top. Sharing in the sense of accomplishment inspires my return.”

Summit Kilimanjaro is a demanding Level 5 Ultimate Challenge adventure for guests seeking a physical challenge. It requires previous experience hiking at altitude and training to help you attain your Kilimanjaro summit goal.

Check out MT Sobek’s Summit Kilimanjaro trip online here.