Webinar: Adventure Hour with Richard Bangs

by Ashley Kuhre

June 22, 2020 Events & Outings

Join us as we sit down with renowned adventure travel pioneer, MT Sobek co-founder, and consummate storyteller Richard Bangs, who will speak about the early days of adventure travel, what it means to live a life of adventure, and why for him adventure is life! This is a special engagement with limited attendance so please sign up in advance if you are ready for close access to this incredible man of many “firsts.”

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When: June 25, 2020

Note: This event has passed. Please click here if you'd like to view the recording.

About the Expert: Richard Bangs

Richard Bangs has often been called the father of modern adventure travel since co-founding Sobek Expeditions (now MT Sobek) in 1973. He has spent 50 years exploring the globe and led the first descents of 35 rivers, including the Yangtze and the Zambezi. Richard still loves to lead exciting “out there” adventures and is often found heading out on unique adventures like an Angola Expedition with MT Sobek in Summer 2021. Richard is an accomplished storyteller, best known for his popular PBS series “Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose,” and was a 2019 PURE Awards finalist for his contribution to experiential travel.