Webinar: Journey to Classic Egypt

by Ashley Kuhre

May 15, 2020 Events & Outings

Take a “virtual vacation” through the Egypt of the Pharaohs! Our Egyptian expert guide, Radwa El Syed will take us through a land of tombs, temples, and iconic pyramids. From the desert by camel-back to a traditional sailboat along the Nile, discover why Egypt has fascinated travelers and scholars alike for centuries!

Where: View the recording

When: May 16, 2020

Note: This event has passed. If you'd like to view it, please see the recorded webinar by clicking here.

About the Expert: Radwa El Syed

Radwa El Syed was born and raised in Cairo, capital of Egypt, so it’s no wonder that when she joined the travel industry in 2004 that she’d make it her mission to share its wonders with as many people as possible.