Travel Essentials: What to Pack in Your Daypack for Your Patagonia Hike

By: Grace Park

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July 20, 2023 | Adventure Experts, Pro Tips

Getting ready for your hiking trip to Patagonia and not sure what to pack each day of your hike? You’re in luck! We’ve interviewed our very own Patagonia hiking expert, Ro Bahamondez. Ro has been guiding adventurers for the past 14 years and will continue this year with MT Sobek. 

In this exclusive footage, Ro shares invaluable tips and advice on what to pack in your daypack to get ready for each day of your hike in Patagonia. You’ll even get a glimpse of him expertly packing these items into his own daypack! Then, what’s left is to hop on a plane and head to Patagonia!

What to Pack in Your Daypack for Each Day of Your Patagonia Hike

Small group of elderly travelers hiking on a trail in Patagonia

From sunscreen to hydration packs, our very own hiking guide for our Patagonia Hiking Adventures, Ro, provided tips & advice on a few key items to pack in your daypack to ensure a safe, fun, and enjoyable hike every day you spend hiking in Patagonia.

Here is a summary of essentials you need for each day of your hike.

  • Bring at least one pair of sunglasses – ideally with a hard case for protection!
  • Pack a hydration pack instead of a water bottle, if you prefer.
  • A small bandana or neck buff is useful, especially in Patagonia’s windy conditions.
  • Bring two pairs of gloves – one lighter weight pair, one thicker and waterproof pair.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.
  • A packable light jacket is important as a windbreaker. 
  • A rain cover for your backpack is essential.
  • Carry a warm hat.
  • Carry a sun hat.
  • Always carry a rain jacket – must be fully waterproof!
  • Always carry waterproof rain pants, too!
  • A puff jacket keeps you warm when the temperature suddenly drops or during downhill portions.
  • Lastly, bring trekking poles! You’ll carry them in hand, so no need to fit them inside your daypack.


And there you have it – Ro’s ultimate packing list for packing a daypack for your Patagonia active trip!

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Small group of travelers led by Patagonia hiking expert Ro pausing to take a photo on a hiking trail in Patagonia

Meet the Author: Ro

Get to know Ro, our Patagonia Hiking Guide!

Ro was born and raised in the mesmerizing landscapes of Patagonia, fueling his deep passion for the great outdoors. He’s a master of kayaking, hiking, and mountaineering, and is also a talented photographer, with a keen eye for capturing the natural beauty of Patagonia. Ro has been guiding adventurers for the past 14 years in Patagonia, and we’re honored to have him as part of our team. Prepare yourself for the ultimate Patagonia hiking adventure alongside this extraordinary guide!

Photo of our Patagonia mountain hiking guide expert Ro and two other passengers on a Patagonia hike

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