Getting Together in the Outdoors: Tomales Bay

by John Baston

September 13, 2018 Trip Notes

The MT Sobek team headed to Tomales Bay for another weekend outing with local adventurers and our friends at The Outbound Collective. Getting out into nature with our community is what we love to do! Especially when the weather is sunny, sixty-five degrees, with only a slight breeze.

We started the day with a briefing from the Blue Waters Kayaking team in Marshall, who set us up with our kayaks and gear. Our friends from Decathlon, Breanna and Kevin, also brought small dry bags, water proof phone cases, and microfiber towels for all the members of our group. Everyone was delighted by the surprise extras.

The paddle was fairly easy but we did have a little wind in our face going across the bay. We saw seals, river otters, lots of roosting cormorants and egrets, dive bombing pelicans, and a few species of jellyfish. A bunch of other kayakers were also enjoying the near perfect conditions.

We enjoyed a rewarding lunch on a small beach on the National Park side of the Tomales Bay. It felt like a world away from reality in the peaceful cove, only 50 miles north of San Francisco.

After the four-hour trip most of the guests stuck around for a beer on the deck at Nick’s Cove, toasting another great community event!

Overall, we had a deeply soul-satisfying day of activity that recharged our spirits and empowered many guests to think about tackling bigger adventures in a kayak. It’s a little effort for a big reward!

John Baston

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