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Top 10 Rafting & Kayaking Adventures for 2019

By: Matt Gontram

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October 21, 2022 | Adventure Experts

True to the rafting roots of MT Sobek we’re gearing up for an amazing year on the great whitewaters! As well as the first ever commercial rafting descent of Iran’s Sezar River, company co-founders Richard Bangs and John Yost are leading a 50th anniversary rafting trip in Siberia! Plus, with new permits to run the Colorado River through Utah’s Cataract Canyon, we’ve created five different ways to experience it.

Here are our top 10 picks for the 2019 season.


  1. Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho, US
  2. Alsek River, Alaska, US
  3. Colorado River through Cataract Canyon River Rafting, Utah, US
  4. Sezar River, Iran
  5. Sayan Oka River, Russia
  6. Rivers of Central Chile
  7. Tatshenshini River Rafting, Alaska, US
  8. Hulahula River Rafting, Alaska, US
  9. Talkeetna River Rafting, Alaska, US
  10. San Blas Islands, Panama

1. Middle Fork of the Salmon River – Idaho, US

This 100-mile rafting adventure through Idaho’s Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is the best thing to do in the summer. This could make the best river rafting trips in the United States!

The perfect combination of exciting Class III-IV rapids and lazy meandering makes it great for all the families and adrenaline junkies alike. What I love most is how you can tailor your experience each day, sit back in the oar boat, paddle in the raft, or go solo in an inflatable kayak. Plus, incredible side hikes to beautiful waterfalls, numerous natural hot springs, prospectors’ huts, and ancient Sheepeater pictographs. Above all, the guides help make this one of the greatest river tips in the country!

gourmet river rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, United States | Mountain Travel Sobek

2. Alsek River – Alaska, US

Want to float past icebergs and glaciers through some of the most pristine wilderness in the world? Then this is the best Alaskan river rafting adventure for you. Led by top guides Christa Sadler and Kevin “Thirsty” McDermott, you’ll tackle Class II-IV rapids as you raft 160 miles from Kluane National Park in Canada’s Yukon to Alaska’s amazing Glacier Bay National Park. It’s a mesmerizing ride that lets you experience the raw nature of the north. It also includes an exciting helicopter portage over thundering Turnback Canyon. Read more about our Alsek adventure here.

go on a rafting adventure to Alsek River in Alaska Untied States with Mountain Travel Sobek | one of the top best river rafting trips in the US

3. Colorado River through Cataract Canyon River Rafting – Utah, US

We are so excited to be offering our newest flagship trip in the US: Cataract Canyon. This trip simply is amazing and encompasses the wildest part of the Colorado River as it grows to its largest uninterrupted flow before reaching Lake Powell. Enjoy rafting and kayaking on long, flatwater sections with side hikes to Ancient Puebloan ruins and petroglyphs as well as legendary, class III-IV (V at high water) desert whitewater in the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Try out stand-up paddleboarding in the mellow sections and camping on huge, sandy beaches beneath desert skies, all under the leadership of MT Sobek’s veteran guide Pauly Borichevsky and his expert crew. Choose from several Cataract Canyon River Rafting Options!

gourmet river rafting trip to the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon in Utah United States | one of the top wet river trips

4. Sezar River – Iran

This is the river rafting adventure of a lifetime! Following in MT Sobek’s long history of first rafting descents around the world, we will be exploring the wild Sezar River in Iran. After 20 years in the making, Brian Stevenson and Don Johnson will lead the first ever commercial rafting descent of Iran’s Sezar River in May 2019. Voyage 70 miles through the rugged Zagros Mountains, navigating Class II-V rapids through the unknown. This is river expedition boating at its best with likely portages around un-runnable rapids as well as incredible, runnable whitewater through sheer-walled gorges. Truly a unique opportunity to be the first! Check out more from Brian on our blog here.

go on a rafting adventure to Sezar River Iran | top bucket-list river rafting trips to go to

5. Sayan Oka River – Russia

Celebrating 50 years of exploration, this special rafting adventure is being led by the founders of Sobek Expeditions–Richard Bangs and John Yost. These river legends are masters of exploratory rafting, having led more first descents on rivers around the globe than anyone else. In 2019, they are tackling the Siberia’s Sayan Oka River with its Class II-IV whitewater and pristine wilderness backdrop through the gorgeous Orkho Bom canyon. Enjoy amazing fishing opportunities and beautiful camps before finishing in crystal clear, 5,387-foot deep Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

river rafting trip adventure to Sayan Oka River in Russia | multi-day river rafting trip

6. Rivers of Central Chile

Experience the wonders of central Chile’s remote waterways, including the Cautín, Liucura, Maichin, Trancura, and Fuy Rivers, on this new MT Sobek adventure. Spend nights at boutique hotels and eco-lodges set in the heart of nature, then paddle your way through thrilling Class II—IV rapids—all in the company of MT Sobek’s expert river guides. Rejuvenate at hot springs, visit ancient lava fields in Conguillio National Park, and explore lakes and canyons over 8 magical days.

Rivers of Central Chile | raft the great whitewaters of Chile with MT Sobek for spring break

7. Tatshenshini River Rafting – Alaska, US

The Tatshenshini is a true classic that begins in the snow-clad mountains of the Yukon and meanders past sweeping glaciers to the sea. Over our 136-mile run you’ll pass through the largest concentration of grizzly bear in North America, not to mention bald eagles and wildflower-speckled Alaskan tundra. Float past large, calving glaciers as the ‘Tat’ joins the Alsek River for its final 50 miles to our take-out in Dry Bay, part of Glacier Bay National Park.

river rafting adventure to the Tatshenshini River in Alaska United States | one of the best river rafting trips that is a multi day adventure with friends or family

8. Hulahula River Rafting – Alaska, US

The Hulahula is the quintessential arctic river trip that runs through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska. From its headwaters in the Brooks Range, the river flows through tundra and a breathtaking canyon on its way to the Beaufort Sea. Amazing wildlife viewing opportunities in this vast wilderness including, porcupine caribou, musk oxen, grizzlies, and a variety of coastal birds. Experience the wonders of this swift-flowing river as you raft almost 100 miles on thrilling Class III-IV whitewater–perfect for paddling enthusiasts–and enjoy hiking and camping in pure Arctic wilderness.

river rafting wet trip on the Hulahula River in Alaska United States | go on a multi-day river adventure with MT Sobek

9. Talkeetna River Rafting – Alaska, US

Most people know Talkeetna as a quaint Alaskan town and gateway to Denali, but few know about the Talkeetna River! In the shadow of Denali and the Talkeetna Mountains, this river gives you the best of everything.  Fly to put-in on a bush plane and relax at our first night’s camp, fishing and taking in the views.  Then it’s time to tackle many miles of near continuous class II-IV whitewater through boxed in canyons and gorgeous Alaska scenery.  This trip is considered by many as the best all-around whitewater river in Alaska.

river rafting multi-day adventure to Talkeetna River in Alaska United States | quaint Alaskan town and gateway to Denali near the Talkeetna Mountains

10. San Blas Islands – Panama

Looking for the ultimate Caribbean seas kayaking experience?  Well, you found it!  This trip is a kayaker and snorkeler’s dream. Explore the San Blas Archipelago, with over 360 small coral reef islands spread over 200 miles. The spectacular snorkeling alone is worth the trip, but seven days of kayaking give you an amazing perspective of this coastal area. In addition to exploring the waters, you’ll get to know the fascinating Guna Yala people, an indigenous tribe that has thrived here for centuries, passing their days in much the same way as they did hundreds of years ago. Camp in traditional grass huts situated next to pristine, white sandy beaches and embrace the island life!

river rafting multi day adventure with Mountain Sobek at the San Blas Islands in Panama | ultimate Caribbean seas kayaking experience

And back for 2019 with a special mention—The Zambezi!

The thundering Zambezi River is home to some of the most exhilarating Class III-IV rapids in the world! MT Sobek is legendary on the Zambezi, after first rafting it in the early 1980s, and our new adventure covers 40 miles through the Batoka Gorge—featuring incredible white-water rapids such as “Stairway to Heaven” and “Ghostrider.” To amplify the trip further, we’ve included a 2-day canoe safari to view wildlife on the Upper Zambezi, a sunset cruise, and a dip in the Devil’s Pool, which laps over the edge of UNESCO-listed Victoria Falls. It’s an amazing combination of activities in the heart of Zambia.

thundering Zambezi River | raft and kayak the great whitewaters of the hardest river to kayak with Mountain Travel Sobek

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