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For the last 40 years MTS has tested the waters of the world—adventure cruising on small vessels to exotic locales like the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, and the frozen reaches of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle.

A History of Nautical Adventure. Way back in 1970, we organized the first ever sailing cruise to the Galápagos Islands for the Sierra Club. Then in 1989, an MTS group became the first Americans (along with the first woman ever) to reach the South Pole, via ski expedition across the Antarctic continent.

Small Ships, Not Cruise Ships. Over the years, we've found that adventure cruising aboard a nimble small ship or deluxe yacht gives our guests an intimate expedition-like experience with maximum flexibility. We can navigate narrow waterways, pull right up to private coves, and get you on shore quickly. No waiting in long lines to get off the boat and no crowds once you get on shore!

Your Own Private Galapagos. In the Galápagos, our deluxe yachts carry a maximum of 48 guests, and most carry 16 or fewer. So we spend more time snorkeling with sea lions, photographing the ubiquitous iguanas, and exploring the varied environments of the islands, and less time waiting to go ashore. And for the ultimate Galapagos experience at a time that's best for you, you can charter an entire yacht—a great option for those who want a really special family cruise or adventure with a group of friends.

Explore the Ends of the Earth. In the Arctic and Antarctica, where it's harder to travel and conditions can be much rougher, the ships are larger and more stable. But our polar cruise ships still hold fewer than 150 guests, far fewer than even the smallest cruise line can boast. And each is equipped with a fleet of quiet, nimble, and lightning fast Zodiac boats to whisk everyone ashore as quickly as possible.

Comfortable (or Luxury) Quarters. Accommodations aboard our ice-class expedition ships (including a former Russian spy ship) are comfortable, but not plush. You'll be spending most of your time exploring outdoors: kayaking, skiing, hiking—even camping on the ice. On our Galápagos trips, you can choose between modest and luxury cabins aboard our variety of sailing yachts. 


Ever since Mountain Travel Sobek took its first footsteps into the remote kingdom of Nepal in 1969, we have traveled with a natural curiosity, an open mind, and with a deep respect for the cultures we encounter. For many, one of the most inspiring aspects of travel is encountering cultures very different from our own.

Award-winning Cultural Tours. MTS trips are designed specifically to allow you to experience and interact with a different culture. We travel to some of the most exciting and colorful festivals in West Africa, attend an annual camel fair in Rajasthan, have tea with sherpas in the Himalaya, and learn about traditional lifestyles in rural China.

Mingle with Real Locals. In our forty years of traveling the world, we've formed bonds with locals in remote destinations. In Tanzania, our guides will introduce you to Maasai villagers—personal friends in many cases—who live today much as their ancestors did for generations. In India, you'll meet the real life king of the Naga tribe and partake in their rich tradition of singing and weaving.

Don't Miss the Festivals. We've timed our trips around the most amazing cultural festivals in the world. Don't miss the lively festivals of Bhutan, including the magnificent Tsechu religious festival, where elaborately costumed dancers perform masked dance-dramas. In the Scottish Highlands, visit the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival, an annual musical celebration of military drum performances that date back to the 18th century.

Taste Authentic Foods. In México, learn the secrets of Baja cuisine from a well-known local chef and participate in a hands-on cooking class in her traditional outdoor kitchen. In Turkey, shop colorful spice markets and bazaars and dine on authentic Turkish cuisine. In Morocco, follow the almond bloom and enjoy fresh seafood on the beaches of Essaouira's walled city.

Hiking & Trekking

MTS founded the concept of small group hiking and trekking in the Himalaya way back in 1969. Since then, many have tried to match the creativity of our itineraries, our flawless track record for summitting success, the expertise of our MTS exclusive guides, our award-winning customer service, and reputation as the experts in trekking.

World's Best Treks. Explore the Alps, the hiker's playground of Europe, and consider the classic circuit of Mont Blanc. Take on one of the world's ten best treks deep within the granite spires of Chile and Argentina's Patagonia region. Walk the idyllic literary countryside of England with a long-treasured walk from one coast to another—a full 190 miles (and another of the world’s top ten hikes). Or summit a really big mountain like Kilimanjaro for the feat of a lifetime.

We'll Challenge and Support You. We understand the transformative power of a long journey on foot, and we'll do everything we can to make your adventure exciting and safe. Before your trip, we conduct a medical interview with you to make sure you are in proper health for you chosen trip. We'll advise how you should train and specify a detailed packing list with all the gear you'll need. Our guides, most of whom have been working us for over a decade, know how to pace groups so no one falls behind.

High Altitude Trekking Experts. When it comes to big peaks like Kili, we have the highest success rate of any company. Our guides have led MTS groups in these mountain regions for decades, so you're sure to reach those 18,000-foot Himalayan peaks and successfully summit Kilimanjaro.


An MTS multisport adventure combines a variety of activities to create a dynamic trip, giving you a fun way to try out new pursuits or enjoy old ones. It is also the perfect option for active families looking for a range of activities to suit different interests and fitness levels. In fact, most multisport trips are classed Easy to Moderate and rarely require previous experience, so there is something for everyone—hiking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, cruising! Check out all of our multisport adventures by clicking on the trips below.

Insider Access to Adventure. As the masters of adventure multisport, you'll have local access to a range of expertly combined activities. In Baja, can you learn to surf with the region's top instructors and kayak the Sea of Cortez to secret snorkeling spots. Or you can raft and paddle New Zealand’s thrilling wild west coast. In Argentina, opportunities about for hiking glaciers, exploring lakes, and riding horses through the Andean foothills at a traditional estancia.

All Ages and Fitness Levels Welcome. Most of our multisport trips are a great option for families! A lot of them are close to home (Alaska, Canada, and México), and many are short, making them a good fit for limited vacation time and a broad range of ages. We also offer longer, more challenging and farther afield multisport adventures—call one of our Regional Specialists for details.

We'll Take Care of All the Details. We pack in as much adventure as possible into each one of our trips. Best of all, we take meticulous care in organizing your trip, so everything runs flawlessly and you never worry about a thing! Prior to your trip, we will send you a detailed packing list, explain how to train (if your trip is strenuous), screen you for potential health conditions related to the sports you'll be participating in, and answer every question you have.  

Sterling Safety Track Record. Your safety is always our number one concern (second is having fun!). That's why our guides always conduct a thorough (and often entertaining) familiarization briefing and instruct you in safety precautions before every activity. Thanks to these superb guides, our more than 40 years’ safety record is superior and you can feel confident in their hands.

Rafting & Kayaking

With over 40 years' experience in exploring, planning, and leading rafting and kayaking trips all over the world, nobody knows the world's diverse waterways better than MTS. Our river rafting adventures take you to some of the world’s most remote, beautiful destinations—some of which you can only access via the river. Our kayaking trips allow you to get up close to nature, from humpback whales in Alaska to playful sea lions in the Galápagos. So, whether you're a novice on the water or an experienced paddler looking for a new adventure, we have the right trip for you.

Pioneers in Rafting. MTS gained worldwide acclaim back in 1973 when we pioneered the first commercial rafting trip on Ethiopia's Omo River. Since then, we've led the way with first descents down rivers all over the world including Chile's Bio-Bio River and Rio Baker, the Magoky in Madagascar, Namibia's Kunene River, Ethiopia's Blue Nile and China's Upper Mekong. In fact, founder Richard Bangs has penned a half-dozen books on rafting including Rivergods: Exploring the World's Great Wild Rivers.

Exploring by Kayak. Kayaking adventures are much more than "just" paddling. Sea kayaking brings us to places that are best explored from a small boat close to the water's surface. In a sea kayak, we are able to glide through sea caves and zigzag the reefs without issues in navigation. Kayak with humpback whales and icebergs in Alaska's Glacier Bay as featured in Alaska Magazine, or see the islands of the Galápagos MTS-style as featured in The New York Times.

All Skill Levels Welcome. First-timers and families with children as young as age 6 are welcome on our "Easy" rafting and kayaking trips. Experienced paddlers will enjoy the thrill of more challenging Class IV rapids on moderate to strenuous trips. Rivers are ranked from Class I (easiest) to Class V (hardest). No matter your fitness level, MTS has a rafting or kayaking adventure that is right for you.

Comfortable Accommodations. Our rafting and kayaking trips are often miles from a hotel, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how comfortable we can make you feel in these more rustic and "hard to get to" places. You will sleep in high quality, roomy tents on soft, thick mattresses. The camp will have a toilet tent and a tented dining area. We know that food is a very important component of our trips, so the river guides will spoil you with fresh, healthy, plentiful, and delicious gourmet meals, spiced with tall tales around the campfire and the funniest jokes in the world.

Stellar Safety Record. Before you dip a paddle in the water, the guides will conduct a thorough (and often entertaining) familiarization briefing and instruct you in safety precautions. The boats are guided entirely by expert, professional river guides who know the rivers like their own backyards. Thanks to these superb guides, our more than 40 years’ safety record is superior, and you can feel confident in their hands.


Back in 1971, MTS scouted the first ever walking safari in Kenya. Like a true explorer on our own two feet, we embarked on the first of many safaris to come in Africa. Forty years and hundreds of adventures later, we happily enjoy our status as the "World's Best—Safari Outfitter" as rated by Travel+Leisure.

Our Award-Winning Safari Experiences. Picture yourself tracking the Great Migration, where millions of animals gallop and graze their way through the southern and eastern plains of the Serengeti. Take an exciting walking safari in a seldom-visited corner of the Serengeti, home to iconic savannah game of Africa. And in Rwanda, trek deep into lush jungle to witness the touching humanity of Rwanda's mountain gorillas (with less 700 remaining in the wild!), and find fig trees heavy with rowdy chimps in the rainforest.

Premier Wildlife Viewing. We've designed trips around seasonal game migrations to give you premier wildlife viewing. Not only that, we get you out of the vehicle and on your feet to soak up Africa like an explorer. When we do drive, you won't be stuck in the middle because everyone gets a window seat.

Local Office, Local Guides. Our locally based guides are natural born explorers and experts of these lands, ensuring that you’ll see more wildlife, live more local customs, and explore more pages of history.

From Rustic to Luxury. After an inspiring day of game viewing or cultural touring, recount your tales over a gourmet feast and glass of wine. From luxury tented camps to five-star boutique hotels, we’ve hand-picked the best places to relax and immerse yourself in the adventure.

Go Beyond the 4x4. With more adventure options and years of experience than other travel companies, MTS knows Africa, and we know how to experience it fully on foot, by boat, by plane, or in our “go-anywhere” vehicles, and in close partnership with the people who know and love the landscape intimately.


Our passion for wildlife adventures and our planet’s beautiful creatures was first inspired by our sailing excursions to the Galápagos Islands back in 1970, and our wildlife safaris in Kenya in 1971 (MTS was the first to offer walking safaris there!). What we discovered back then, and which has been our philosophy ever since, is that the very best way to experience a place, its people and its wildlife is by active participation.

Our Award-Winning Wildlife Trips. Track iconic game on foot in a seldom-visited corner of the Serengeti, explore the rainforests of Panama for howler monkeys, toucans, and scarlet macaws; or take a journey to Rwanda to see the endangered mountain gorillas, as featured in Men's Journal and Esquire.

No One Gets You Closer. From one-of-a-kind on-foot walking safaris in Africa to a face-to-face meeting with the endangered Bengal tigers of India, MTS gets you closer to wildlife than any other company. We put you right in the heart of the wild, where you can hear, sense and feel their presence. There truly is something inexplicable about getting up close with birds and animals in their natural habitat.

Certified and Scholarly Naturalist Guides. We seek out only the most experienced naturalist guides for every MTS trip. In the Galápagos, our exclusive guides have all earned the highest "Class III" certification given by the Galápagos National Park. In Tanzania, you'll meet locally-born multilingual guides who have studied the conservation of biodiversity in African wildlife, and lived in the midst of it all of their lives.

Insider Access to Alaska. In 2000, we acquired Alaska Discovery, the oldest and largest wilderness company in Alaska, enabling us to offer low-impact Alaska adventures, including exclusive park permits unattainable by the public. MTS cares about preserving the future of Alaska's wildlife, and that's why we continue to be an active participant in the Alaska Conservation Foundation.

Africa Your Way. We know how to experience the African wilderness fully—on foot, by boat, by plane, or in our “go-anywhere” vehicles. We’ve also hand-picked the best places to relax and immerse yourself in nature—from luxury tented camps to five-star boutique hotels.