20 Best Hikes for 2024

By: Heather Howard

Heather Howard has a passion for travel writing and marketing and loves inspiring people to explore new places. She has laced up her boots for many rugged hikes, from the Scottish Highlands to Alaska, Provence to Peru. She loves the fun of group travel and her top US travel tip is to explore Idaho's River of No Return Wilderness.

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January 4, 2024 | Adventure Experts

Our experts have been busy traveling from Patagonia to Portugal and beyond, honing our hiking adventures for the 2024 season. We’ve combed through our guest reviews and taken the feedback to heart. Our top 20 hikes for 2024 include everything from leisurely village-to-village strolls to high altitude mountain treks, with trips to tempt every hiker, designed to thrill and delight a wide range of skill levels and interests. Whether you have always dreamed of reaching Everest’s Base Camp, wanted to walk along Spain’s famed pilgrimage trail El Camino de Santiago, or are drawn to a cultural adventure in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, we have 20 tantalizing trips that we consider the very best for travel in 2024. Join us in the adventure!

1. Alps Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking

This iconic Mont Blanc massif circuit is not only one of our favorite trips but also a “must-do” for every avid hiker. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Alps as you traverse this classic route, with three unforgettable nights spent in the charming town of Chamonix. Revel in the stunning landscapes, experience the vibrant local culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime on this exceptional hiking adventure.

Hikers reflected in Lac Blanc on the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking route in the French Alps near Chamonix

Combining strenuous hikes with genuine alpine hospitality and comfortable alpine hotels, AFAR says: “MT Sobek ups the ante with its Tour du Mont Blanc experience, one of the adventure travel company’s most popular trips for over 40 years.”

Total Days: 12 // Activity Level: 4

Preview our Alps Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking itinerary>>

2. Ultimate Patagonia Hiking in Chile & Argentina

Enjoy a comprehensive “best of” Patagonia adventure! Combine 40 miles on Chile’s W circuit in Torres del Paine with Argentina’s majestic Los Glaciares National Park. See Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy rise spectacularly above the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and enjoy a breathtakingly scenic hiking experience. Spend nights in comfortable hotels and remote mountain lodges.

A group of people posing for a photo with the Mt. Sobek flag during their Patagonia hike.

Total Days: 14 // Activity Level: 4

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Request a free adventure travel catalog from MT Sobek
Request a free adventure travel catalog from MT Sobek

3. Japan Kumano Kodo Walking

Join us on a unique tour that contrasts urban Japan with peaceful paths on the Kii peninsula. Spend the five days in between hiking along the Kumano Kodo, an ancient network of pilgrimage routes, which has been recognized by UNESCO. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape, see holy sites, stay in ryokan inns, eat sensational local cuisine, and unwind in natural hot springs after a day on the trail.

Two hikers on the kumano kodo trail in japan

Total Days: 8 // Activity Level: 3

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4. John Muir Trail Southbound to Mt Whitney

Gear up for an epic trekking adventure through the rugged expanse of the high Sierra Nevada. Covering the southern 212 miles of the iconic John Muir Trail, this journey takes you from the tranquil shores of Lake Florence to the awe-inspiring summit of Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet. Dive into the unspoiled wilderness, behold awe-inspiring alpine panoramas, and navigate through challenging terrains on this extraordinary expedition. Experience the untamed allure of nature and savor the triumph of reaching the pinnacle of the highest peak in the contiguous United States. Get ready for a thrilling outdoor escapade that promises both challenge and unparalleled beauty.

Hikers on the John Muir Trail Southbound

With an expert guiding team leading the way (and with mule support for your gear), you’ll enjoy one of the top ten hiking routes on the planet. After hiking the southern section of the trail, be motivated to return and attempt the northern section.

Total Days: 17 // Activity Level: 5

Preview our John Muir Trail Southbound to Mt Whitney itinerary>>

5. Peru Machu Picchu & Salkantay Lodge-to-Lodge Trek

Start this 10-day journey by immersing yourself in the ancient charm of Cusco, where impressive stonework and remnants of the Inca Empire await. Then follow the less-traveled Salkantay Trail in the Cordillera Vilcabamba, navigating through the Andean mountains for four days of hiking amid glaciers, lakes, cloud forests, and snow-capped peaks. Uncover the allure of Machu Picchu, Peru’s renowned attraction, as you leisurely explore its mystical ruins and mist-shrouded mountains. Allow the spirit of exploration to guide you through the captivating history and natural wonders woven into this incredible journey.

Peru offers some of the best hikes for 2023, with Machu Picchu as a must-visit destination.

Total Days: 10 // Activity Level: 4

Preview Peru Machu Picchu & Salkantay Lodge-to-Lodge Trek itinerary>>

6. Spain El Camino de Santiago

Experience the transformative journey of the Camino de Santiago as you follow the Camino Frances—the French Way. This well-known path starts in scenic France and ends in the captivating city of Santiago de Compostela. Whether you’re seeking spiritual reflection or just excited about walking, this route offers a mix of both. Step into history, immersing yourself in the beautiful landscapes and cultural richness that make the Camino de Santiago special. Alternatively, hike the Camino Portugues route from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela!

A man with a red backpack in front of a cathedral.

Total Days: 11 // Activity Level: 4

Preview our Spain El Camino de Santiago Hiking itinerary>>

7. Everest Base Camp

Sometimes it’s both the journey and the destination. Nothing short of a true quest, trekking in the Himalaya is a lifelong dream for many avid hikers, especially the pilgrimage to its greatest mountain: Mount Everest, known locally as Chomolungma, the “Mother Goddess of the Snows.” With over 50 years of experience leading the pack in Nepal, MT Sobek is the best company to get you to Everest Base Camp at 17,600 feet elevation.

Colorful Tibetan prayer flags with snow capped Himalayan Mountains in the background

Total Days: 19 // Activity Level: 5

Preview our Everest Base Camp Trekking itinerary>>

8. England Coast to Coast

Traverse England by foot on this classic hiking adventure, including the most spectacular stages of Alfred Wainwright’s epic “Coast to Coast” trail. Journeying from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, you’ll cross three national parks: the Lake District, featuring England’s highest mountains; the rolling green hills and river valleys of the Yorkshire Dales; and the dramatic landscapes of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Man hiking beautiful grassy, green mountain in England

Total Days: 10 // Activity Level: 4

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9. Tajikistan Fann Mountain Trek

Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains are one of Central Asia’s top hiking locations, but few people know it! The Fanns, part of the western Pamir-Alaya massif, include around 100 peaks, some of which rise beyond 16,000 feet. Cross passes to marvel at picturesque glacier lakes like Alouddin, Kulikalon, and Iskanderkul, camp out under the stars, and experience warm Tajik hospitality.

Man hiking in the Tajikistan Fann Mountain range with a crystal clear river and snowy mountains in the background

Total Days: 13 // Activity Level: 4

Preview our Tajikistan Fann Mountain Trekking itinerary>>

10. Bhutan’s Chomolhari Trek

This memorable, classic trek is one of our few ultimate high-altitude challenges. Set in the kingdom of Bhutan, experience local Buddhist culture with visits to its famous dzongs (citadels) and monasteries, like the “Tiger’s Nest” and “The Temple of the White Dove.” Hike past glacial lakes, prayer flags, and yak herders for views of snow-capped Mount Chomolhari, the holiest mountain for the Bhutanese.

Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan on the side of a mountain with colorful prayer flag in the foreground.

Total Days: 14 // Activity Level: 5

Preview our Bhutan’s Chomolhari Trekking itinerary>>

11. Portugal Historic Villages Hiking

This lesser-known but popular hiking adventure charts an enchanting course through Portugal’s gorgeous countryside. As you travel along Roman roads and historic paths, you will explore a region filled with medieval castles and hilltop settlements. Discover Sortelha with its walled fortress and Monsanto, where homes are jammed between enormous stones. Then check out a tangle of hiking routes in the rugged Serra da Estrela Natural Park. 

Charming historic village in Portugal nestled in a mountainside.

Total Days: 8 // Activity Level: 3

Preview our Portugal Historic Villages Hiking itinerary>>

12. Scotland Western Isles Hiking

Check out Scotland’s wildest, most beautiful, and far-flung corners. Experience elemental wildness in the Outer Hebrides and the gorgeous, windswept terrain of Cairngorms National Park on this exclusive itinerary full of heart-pumping, jaw-dropping hikes. You may even get to meet Scotland’s only herd of reindeer!

Group of hikers in a beautiful, grassy valley with mountains in the background in Scotland.

Total Days: 9 // Activity Level: 3

Preview our Scotland Western Isles Hiking itinerary>>

13. Climb & Summit Kilimanjaro

Take an epic route up one of the world’s most iconic mountains! Beginning in the forested slopes of Mount Meru at 6,400 feet, ascend through the spectacular Great Barranco Valley before making your summit bid to Uhuru Peak a.k.a. the “Roof of Africa” at 19,340 feet. MT Sobek was the first company to lead commercial treks up Kilimanjaro in 1974 and with our seasoned guides has a 98% summit success rate.

Group of elated hikers at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Total Days: 10 // Activity Level: 5

Preview our Climb Kilimanjaro Trekking itinerary>>

14. New Zealand South Island Hiking

The mountainous South Island of New Zealand is a trekker’s paradise with its beautiful fjords, glaciers, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Hike portions of four Great Walks in Abel Tasman, Paparoa, Nelson Lakes, and Fiordland National Parks. Experience Maori culture, cruise Milford Sound on an exhilarating jetboat safari, and relax in soothing hot springs.

Two hikers on a trail with rugged, snowy mountains in the background in New Zealand.

Total Days: 10 // Activity Level: 3

Preview our New Zealand South Island Hiking itinerary>>

15. Alps Eiger to Matterhorn Trek

Trek across the Swiss Alps on a breathtaking route that connects the Matterhorn (14,692′) in Zermatt to the alpine wonders of the Eiger (13,015′) in Grindelwald. This beautiful trip of contrasts travels via Oberland, the “Land Above,” and the Valais. Experience the Bernese and Pennine Alps while lodging in the charming towns of Mürren, Kandersteg, and Bundalp. This a great option for those looking for a classic Swiss hiking experience.

Hikers on a beautiful, expansive vista in the Swiss Alps.

Total Days: 8 // Activity Level: 4

Preview our Alps Eiger to Matterhorn Trekking itinerary>>

Request a free adventure travel catalog from MT Sobek
Request a free adventure travel catalog from MT Sobek

16. Jordan Passage to Petra Trekking

Jordan is a perfect example of the charm of the Middle East, with gorgeous desert scenery and amazing ancient sites! Discover the country’s attractions and lesser-known desert routes as you trek in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, visit Wadi Rum, and follow Bedouin trails across the Sharah Mountains. You can also enjoy a well-earned float in the Dead Sea and marvel at the ancient city of Petra.

Canyon view of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

 Days: 12 // Activity Level: 4

17. Slovenia’s Julian Alps Hiking

Experience Slovenia’s spectacular mountain vistas on this one-of-a-kind journey. This challenging hike explores the alpine splendor of western Slovenia, including the majestic Julian Alps, the blue Soca River, and the fairytale castle on Lake Bled. Sleep in comfortable hotels with spa services and indulge in delectable food and sumptuous wines along the way. 

Bled Castle on a cliff overlooking beautiful blue Bled lake with Slovenia's Julian Alps in the background.

Total Days: 10 // Activity Level: 4

Preview our Slovenia Julian Alps Hiking itinerary>>

18. Morocco’s High Atlas Mountain Hiking

Hike Morocco’s majestic High Atlas range, camping in comfortable mobile camps in the mountains. Climb formidable Mount M’goun, Morocco’s second highest peak at 13,356′ feet, and discover lush green oases among the orange hills and valleys, age-old kasbahs, and traditional Berber villages. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Berber culture and hospitality, making this trek an unforgettable blend of natural wonders and authentic local experiences.

Beautiful view of Berber village in Morocco with High Atlas Mountains in the background.

Total Days: 9 // Activity Level: 4

Preview Morocco High Atlas Mountain Hiking itinerary>>

19. Yellowstone National Park Hiking

Get out of the car and into the heart of Yellowstone, America’s inaugural National Park! Explore rugged wilderness and marvel at geothermal wonders guided by seasoned local experts who understand the terrain (and the wildlife!). Conquer two peaks, witness bison herds, and, with luck, spot a bear or wolf. Stand in awe of Yellowstone’s iconic geysers, notably the majestic Old Faithful, and uncover the mysteries of the subterranean supervolcano that fuels them. Crafted for hiking enthusiasts, this curated trip seamlessly blends daily challenges with visits to iconic natural marvels and park attractions. Conclude your adventure near Big Sky, MT, with a serene stay at a classic Western Ranch.

Bison in yellowstone national park.

Total Days: 6 // Activity Level: 3

Preview our Yellowstone National Park Hiking itinerary>>

20. Pakistan K2 Base Camp Trek

Straddling the border between Pakistan and China, K2 stands at 28,251 feet, making it the second tallest mountain in the world. Looming over the western Himalayas in the Karakoram Range, it has been described as a formidable peak of ice, rock, and sky – rising up to touch the heavens. On this, our most strenuous trek, your goal is K2 Base Camp at 16,732 feet. 

View of beautiful snowy Karakoram Range peaks in Pakistan with hikers in the foreground.

Total Days: 21 // Activity Level: 5+