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By: Bryan Shelmon

Bryan Shelmon is a travel writer, living the digital nomad lifestyle as of the past 5+ years to immerse himself into the travel industry. Bryan has traveled to regions including the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and Southeast Asia. While traveling, he enjoys daily writing sessions with his favorite chai latte, attending local cultural events, and working on CULTURE art inspired by new places.

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April 12, 2023 | Adventure Experts

Calling all adventurers because we’ve got the best hiking adventures for every continent! You’re never far from your next escapade—and some of the world’s best routes may be closer than you think. So, whether you’re a leisure hiker or fit for a challenge, there are hikes for everyone.

Every continent brings a new experience for hikers—treks to the world’s highest peaks, routes hugging picturesque coasts, discovering exotic wildlife, and even rendezvous with local cultures.

So, tie those hiking boots tight, grab your day pack, and clear your calendar. The multi-day treks will take you all around the world.

Couple embarking on a hiking trail in the Lake District
Hike outdoors in spectacular trails like this one in the Lake District / Shutterstock


  1. Best Hikes in Europe
  2. Best Hikes in South America
  3. Best Hikes in North America
  4. Best Hikes in Asia
  5. Best Hikes in Africa
  6. Best Hikes in Pacific Region
  7. Best Hikes in Polar Region

Best Hikes in Europe

Prepare to explore breathtaking scenic valleys, chilly summit peaks, and landscapes dotted with timeless villages on hiking treks through Europe. Exciting expeditions crisscross this continent, providing adventure seekers with multiple days of nature, culture and history.

Clear your calendar for 10 days as you embark on a country-hopping excursion around Switzerland, France, and Italy on the Alps Tour du Mont Blanc. This trek takes you to the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. En route, you’ll pass through the dense woodlands, glacier-carved valleys and even get epic photo opportunities straddling two countries at a time!

Take an alternative route through the Alps while channeling your inner secret agent. The Alps Village to Village Hiking Tour includes sights of the famous Matterhorn peak in Switzerland and panoramic views from the Schilthorn restaurant—used as a film location in a James Bond film.

The Italy Best of the Dolomites hike is full of ups and downs through this mountainous terrain. But those able to endure the challenging hiking will be rewarded with vistas of iconic Tre Time de Lavaredo and Marmolada peaks. As a bonus, this hike is filled with plenty of Italian food at local mountain villages that keep you fueled and energized for the next leg.

More hikes & trails around Europe:

Slovenia Julian Alps Hiking Tour – Only 10 days
Spain & France Across the Pyrenees Hiking Tour – Only 9 days
Italy Tuscany & Cinque Terre Walking Tour – Only 9 days
Iceland Natural Wonders Hiking Tour – Only 8 days
Portugal Historic Village Hiking Tour – Only 8 days
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Hikers in a village to village trail adventure in the Alps in Europe
Take in the “must-sees” of the Alps – perfect for every avid hiker / Shutterstock

Best Hikes in South America

Trekking through South America will reveal some of the Earth’s most dramatic landscapes. These treks are some of the most challenging, with exaggerated elevation climbs and distances that seem to reach the edge of the world. However, thanks to our English-speaking tour guides, these otherworldly landscapes will be any hiker’s dreamscape.

Traverse through no man’s land on the Chile & Argentina Ultimate Patagonia Hiking Tour. Hope you like surprises because the landscape changes as fast as the weather. The multi-day hike takes you along the famous W Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park to witness the jagged peak of Cerro Torre and a detour through Los Glaciares National Park to see the photogenic Fitz Roy peak.

Add a dash of culture to your hiking itinerary to discover the remains of the ancient Inca civilization atop Machu Picchu. Take the Salkantay Trail to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu sitting high in the Andes with ruins showcasing the ingenuity of this lost civilization. While you anticipate arriving at one of the iconic Seven Wonders of the World, trails leading through the Sacred Valley, the Ollantaytambo ruins, and the cloud forest offer plenty of sights and wonders to keep entertained on the 10-day hike.

More hikes & trails around South America:

Chile Patagonia National Park Trek Tour – Only 12 days
Peru Inca Trail Trek Tour – Only 9 days
Peru Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Hiking Tour – Only 8 days
Chile Patagonia W-Route Trek – Private adventure
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Solo hiker in hiking gear looking at the water in Patagonia
Join other travelers in this bucket-list hiking adventure in Patagonia / MT Sobek

Best Hikes in North America

Take a break from the major cities and explore where fresh air is bountiful! North America is home to many of the world’s most thrilling national parks filled with painted landscapes, nature-sculpted rock formations and more that awaken your inner adventurer.

Ever heard of ‘The Mighty Five?’ The Utah National Parks Multi-Adventure Tour gives hikers an immersive experience in the country’s most exotic geological formations. Eight days are plenty of time to squeeze in sights of natural rock bridges found in Arches National Park, wavy canyons eroded to perfect in Zion National Park, and gravity-defying hoodoos towering over Bryce National Park.

Heat things up with a trek along the California Joshua Tree & Death Valley Hiking Adventure Tour. Pack plenty of water because these hikes in the Mojave Desert are for those thirsty for adventure. It will take you to polar extremes—home to the hottest place on Earth and the lowest point on the continent. Yet, there are still signs of life with the native Joshua Trees growing abundantly in the desert and twinkling Dark Sky overhead visible when night falls.

Cool things down with the Montana Glacier National Park Multi-Adventure Tour. Time travel in the Many Glacier Valley, which feels like exploring the Ice Age to reach the Grinnell Glacier and Iceberg Lake. Later, rest your feet with a horseback ride on nature trails exhibiting the park’s colorful flora.

More hikes & trails around North America:

California John Muir Trail Northbound to Yosemite Trek Tour – Only 13 days
Arizona Utah Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion Tour – Private adventure
California Yosemite National Park Hiking Adventure Tour – Only for 6 days
>>More North America hiking adventures

Couple enjoying a day hike in Yosemite National Park with views of El Capitan, Half Dome, and Sentinel Rock
Enjoy sky-topping scenery at Yosemite National Park including El Capitan, Half Dome, and Sentinel Rock / Shutterstock

Best Hikes in Asia

Asia is the largest continent with plenty of outdoor space for your next hiking adventure. These hikes will literally take you to the top of the world, and you’ll encounter countless other wonders along the way. 

The Nepal Everest Base Camp Tour is considered one of the best hikes in the world. When you’re ready to tackle the monumental height of the tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest sits stunningly patient for the approximately 40,000 hikers attempting it each year. The Base Camp trek reaches a staggering height of over 17,000 feet—a mere speck to the total 29,000+ feet at the Everest summit.

Not far behind in elevation ranking is K2, the world’s second-tallest mountain. The Pakistan Concordia & K2 Base Camp Trek Tour showcases an adventurous side of the Middle East reserved for the truly intrepid traveler. Not only do you scale the Karakoram Range, but you’ll get a peek into the vibrant local culture in the capital city of Islamabad.

Next in line is Kanchenjunga, the third-tallest mountain in the world. Fall is the perfect time to visit India for a hike on the Sikkin Kanchenjunga Ridge Trek Tour. You’ll navigate through thick, leafy forests, wave at prayer flags, and be accompanied by friendly mountain wildlife as you make your way to the summit. Time is of the essence because the sunrise over the Himalayas will be the highlight of your trip.

More hikes & trails around Asia:

Bhutan Chomolhari Trek Tour – Only 14 days
Nepal Everest Lodge-to-Lodge Trek Tour – Only 14 days
Japan Kyoto to Tokyo Walking Tour – Only 11 days
Tajikistan Fann Mountain Trek Tour – Only 14 days
>>More Asia hiking adventures

Tourists going on a suspension bridge in Nepal
Explore the gems of Bhutan with the first travel company to pioneer treks here / MT Sobek

Best Hikes in Africa

Bring a compass because you’ll be lost for words when discovering the rich lands stretching across Africa. Hiking adventures reach coast to coast—from rugged mountain treks in the North to luxurious excursions in the South.

Reimagine hiking in South Africa on the Three Kingdoms Multi-Adventure Tour. Immerse yourself in the royal kingdoms of Africa with cultural encounters with the natives preserving ancient traditions. You’ll check off each of the ‘Big Five’ animals on a roaring excursion through Kruger National Park. Visitors get royal treatment with stays in luxury resorts during the trip.

No trip to Africa is complete without checking out the continent’s highest summit. The Tanzania Climb Kilimanjaro Tour tests your mind, body, and soul as you ascend over 19,000 feet to a peak kissing the heavens. The 10-day hike is one of the most challenging—and rewarding—hikes in Africa. However, it’s the perfect pace when trekking at such altitudes and gives plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

More hikes & trails around Africa:

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls & Hwange Multi-Adventure Safari Tour – Only 11 days
Tanzania Ultimate Serengeti Active Safari Tour – Only 11 days
Morocco Camels & Casbahs Hiking Tour – Only 14 days
>>More Africa active adventures

Group of trekkers on a challenging hike in Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
A bucket-list climb of Africa’s Highest Peak in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro / MT Sobek

Best Hikes in the Pacific Region

Beautiful weather, rugged scenic coasts and paradise islands keep the Pacific region high on travelers’ bucket lists. While Australia is the dominant country floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are several other neighboring islands that will satisfy your adventure cravings.

Journey down under to Australia’s Victoria coast. The Great Ocean Walk is the iconic hike extending over 68 miles and lined with ocean views throughout the trek. Spend eight days gazing across rugged cliffsides and unique rock formations shaped for centuries by the ocean. This route includes stops in Port Campbell National Park and Great Otway National Park.

The moment you touchdown in New Zealand, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a fantasy world. Enchanting rainforests shaded by colossal trees and volcanoes on the brink of erupting are just enough excitement to get your adrenaline pumping for the NZ North Island Hiking Tour. You and your group can cheers to a successful quest with authentic NZ wine and cuisine in the capital, Wellington.

Hikers trekking a jungle trail in Abel Tasman National Park
Explore unforgettable highlights that include Abel Tasman National Park / MT Sobek

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Best Hikes in the Polar Region

Adventure where very few have gone and lay your own tracks on Antarctica! Excursions on this massive ice-covered continent will give you the experience of a lifetime—and impress all your hiking pals. Bring a jacket and your enthusiasm because here, nature rules all.

Glacial mountains outfit the snowy skyline as group tours embark on various tours. The Antarctica Fly & Adventure Cruise Tour lets you see the icy landscape from many perspectives. See the untouched terrain from the air as you fly in from Chile. Cruises through water channels feature sightings of whales and penguins. And strap on your snowshoes to plow your way to the feet of whispering icebergs.

A hemisphere away, the northern polar region also has its share of hikes. Wildlife lovers will enjoy the Norway Spitsbergen Adventure Cruising Tour. Polar bears, reindeer and whales are just a few polar beasts lurking in this year-round winter wonderland.

>>More Polar adventures

Antarctica guided land tour
Discover the otherworldly beauty of Antarctica \ MT Sobek

Explore the world in 2024

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? These top hiking adventures on each continent will take you to bucket-list destinations. Our expert team at MT Sobek has more than 50 years of experience organizing group and private hiking trips worldwide. Browse our collection of hiking and trekking adventure tours to see which of these adventures you’ll write into your next travel story.

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Bryan Shelmon is a travel writer, living the digital nomad lifestyle as of the past 5+ years to immerse himself into the travel industry. Bryan has traveled to regions including the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and Southeast Asia. While traveling, he enjoys daily writing sessions with his favorite chai latte, attending local cultural events, and working on CULTURE art inspired by new places.