Why I Love This Trip: Trekking in Chile’s Lake District

By: André LaBarca

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August 15, 2021 | Adventure Experts

When we visited Chile’s Araucania Region over a year ago, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. From its thousand-year-old Araucaria forests, mixed with humid temperate forests, to its conical volcanoes and natural thermal pools—perfect for relaxing!—there was just so much to offer adventure travelers.

That’s why I’m pleased to share with you my joy and enthusiasm as we launch our new trip Trekking in Chile’s Lake District. Our program travels throughout the Araucania Region and starts in Pucon, which means “entrance to the mountain” in native language. Pucon is considered the capital of the adventure tourism in Chile. The trip also includes hiking in two national parks—Villarrica and Huerquehue—and the private nature reserve of El Cañi.

One of the things that mostly drew our attention to the region, beyond its natural diversity, is that its fairly new to tourism and only recently opened up a circuit route with camp sites. This gives us the opportunity to follow little-known trails through lush vegetation and, at the same time, to develop innovative sustainable travel programs with local communities.

Right in the middle of the journey we will have the chance to camp in Termas Geometricas (Springs), one of the best designed and developed in Chile. We will enjoy exclusive access to the spring at night and early in the morning (before they are open to the general public), and will enjoy the warm hospitality of our host.

This is the best new way to see Chile and we have two 9-day departures of Trekking in Chile’s Lake District in 2020, departing March 17th and April 12th. I look forward to being your guide through this incredible region!

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André fell in love with Patagonia at first sight and has made it his home for the last 18 years. He has participated in many mountain expeditions in the region, accomplishing many first ascents, including the summits of the North, Central, and South Towers of the Torres del Paine. André also experienced the first discovery of an Ichthyosaur in the region, which is considered one of the most important discoveries of this species in the world. André has a great interest in the development of sustainable tourism and is always looking for other regions to explore within Patagonia. André’s enthusiasm, love for nature and respect for the mountains is infectious to all who travel with him.